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Festival site crews started with a wonderful woman who many came to love. Tracy Harrison was on the festival scene for over 20 years building a reputation with many people and organisations. She became a household name within the festival families. Her journey started when she visited Glastonbury and worked as a litter picker. Tracy shared many stories of her time doing the odd job around the site, things she had found and witnessed gave many people giggles around the campfire. After a couple of years she got noticed by the owner of the festival who called her up and asked if she could take over the toilet provisions of the site. She jumped at the chance and that is where and how Tracy's Hygiene crew was built. 


Tracy was always full of life and would never miss an opportunity no matter how bizarre it may have been, no job was too big or too small and she was always the woman for the job. Tracy has unfortunately lost a short battle to cancer so now her daughters are carrying on her legacy and we aim to please just as she did. 



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