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Upcoming Jobs

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We have a number of services available - Choose from either 'Tracy's hygiene crew', 'Trashed Out' or 'waste management' from the tabs above. Other services will become available in the near future.


Use our 'contact us' page here if you would like a quote provide for your event. We cater for all sizes of events from small intimate venues to the larger scale events and festivals. You can opt to use just one of our services or all three depending on your requirements.


We tailor our quotes to your specific needs and are happy to discuss any requirements you may have that are not listed on our website.


We also offer concierge services with dedicated members of staff for specific areas. Ideal for areas with heavy footfall. Whether it's toilet or a food area, our staff are on hand to deal with any situation promptly and efficiently. This also means that they are able to give on the ground reports to the necessary departments making the whole clean up system run smoother and so create a better more pleasant atmosphere for your customers and clients. 

We supply staff to:

All of the UK and Ireland

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If you have any queries please contact us :


+44 7737 231063 +44 7737 231063



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